Nowadays in Jpan, more and more people come to be interested in Vietnam. Both Vietnam and Japan has same cultural background; chinese culture, so we Japanese feel Vietnamese culture familiar. We eat with chopstick, we drink tea, we take off our shoes in the room. Many points in daily life are same.

In Japanese BBS; Niftyserve, there is a forum about Vietnam. The name of the forum is Aozai (ao dai) club. Aozai is the name of traditional cloth of Vietnam. Vietnamese girls with aozai is very beuatiful, so many Japanese girls want to take aozai after the beauty of Vietnamese girls. And some Japanese boys want to take too, so meeting of Aozai club is full of Aozai. In Vietnam few men take aozai nowadays, so meeting of aozai club is rare ocasion to see aozai for men.

In Aozai club, people discuss and chat about Vietnam everyday. The theme of forum is not limited, so we discuss from soft theme like traveling to hard theme like war.