Bien Hoa
@Bien Hoa located 30km from Sai Gon. Threr is no famous view points in Bien Hoa. I visited there without intention to go sight seeing.I visited there for only tiny reason. Some aquaitance of me once lived there.They open Vietnames restaurant in Omiya, Japan. And I often went there.

Bien Hoa is small city, but very important between the era of Vietnam war. Once there was the base of the U.S. air force and Republic of Vietnam. Once the "Viet Cong" attacked the president palace of south Vietnam in the near end of the war.
Bien Hoa is the industrial city now and those days. Now many foreign companies come there, and build factories. Last year Japanese big computer and communication company Fujitsu came there and made factory. I'm not sure whether there is big market in Vietnam now.

When I had time at Sai Gon, and I do not like Sai Gon very much, I want to go local city. I just remember Bien Hoa. I asked my friend Cuong to take me to Bien Hoa. After arrival there, I want to walk around, and I took a walk.
In Front of city hall of Bien Hoa, I asked some girls to be model of photograph and they said to me O.K. But the time, I was asked by some pollicemen, and then he wanted to get me out from city hall.