Da Nang
@In some guidebook, author said Da Nang is luck of charm, it is very tiresome city. Yes, Da Nang is luck of view spot, but the charm of Vietnam is in Vietnamese. If you want to see a lot, you should better to go out Da Nang as fast as you could. But if you want to touch the warmness of humanbeing, Da Nang is not so bad city.
@Da Nang is in front of the sea. Many ship stay in the port. On the port, there many deck chair, and you can stay there without thinking, in calm. I stayed over two hours with Chanh Da (lemon juice). The sea breeze blowed, some seller come to me. But they keep me calm.

Non Nuoc Beach
There are some beach near Da Nang. Da Nang locate south of Hai Van path, so climate is rather tropical. Of course you cannot swim in winter, but you do not feel cold. Early in the morning, the beach is very crowded with Vietnamese, but after 7 or 8 am, the beach is vacant. Only foreign people enjoy swimming. Once I hired xicro from Da Nang city area toNon Nuoc beach. The fee is only 5 dollar for 4 hours. If you have a time, it is good idea to go to the beach.

Cham museum
70 km from Da Nang, ancient city of Champa locate. It is nice place for its Cham beaty. But if you have little time to go there, you can go to Cham museum in Da Nang city. It is according to your favorite, but I think Cham art is very nice. Cham art impress me of the strength of lives.