Vietnam is one of the toughest countriy in the world. Most of all the history of Vietnam, Vietnamese fought against foreign countries ; China, France, Japan and United States. But everytime they overcome at last. Why they are so strong? It is my primitive question, so I was interested in Vietnam. In my boyhood, severe Vietnam war was fought. And I saw some pictures of the war, these pictures stinked my heart. How humanbeing could be so crucial, ugly but saintlike. Curiosity of mine grow up. When I visit VIetnam some, I understood some secrets of Vietnam. I'll show you something of Vietnam. Let's enjoy it.

Girls in Hanoi
The strngth of Vietnam people is represented by women. Women of Vietnam is very cute and strong. Those girls will be stong mothers of Vietnam in a future.
Those girls were working in the tea house near Lake Ho An Kiem. At first they were anxious, because I was foreigner. But as I visited there often, they very welcome me. Vietnamese in the north is very sensitive about foreign people. But in mind, they are very friendly.

Near To Rich river
There are many old temples near the To Rich river. Most of those temples are on the Thuy Khue street. I have visited one of those old temples. and I saw some old people chatting with tea in the morning.
A old man in that group stood up and came to me, and asked me where were you from and then told me about the history of the temple. The temple were build about 1000 years ago. And people kept it against invader or war. Once we Japanese ocupied Vietnam and tortuerd Vietnamese, so I asked him about Japanese Empire. He replied so many foreigners came to Vietnam, but at last we survived and kept our country. Now we want to keep good relations between every countries. After he explained the history, he asked me to join drinking tea. He and his friend asked me about me and my family, and I asked them of their children. We had very good time. Now in Vietnam, everyone seems to think about only money, but in that temple time passed slowly and gently. It was fantastic experience.

Buoi market
After I said goodbye to them, I kept walking around. I reached at Buoi market, then I wanted to eat runch. In every market in Vietnam, there are place to eat. All the women of market were very agressive to sell something and friendly. They could not understand English, but they talked to me something. I tried to eat Bun Cha. It is the specialityof Hanoi. It was very delicious. If you go to Hanoi, let's try it.