Hue is said to be old city, but history of Hue is not so old. For long time, the capital of Vietnam is Hanoi. Hue was located the south border of Vietnam. But when Vietnamese invaded and ruined Champa, Hue came to be center of "south" Vietnam.

Tomb of Emperor
There are many tomb of emperor in Hue. The style of architect is different each other. Most of tomb is on the style of Chinese, but Cai Dinh tomb is the mix of European and Chinese. It seems to me rather grotesque, but very interesting one. The picture is of Minh Mang's. It is just the Chinese style.

Ao Dai
In Hue, you can see many women wear ao dai. Ao dai is the traditinal cloth of Vietnam. The colors of ao dai has some meaning, such as yellow represent the power of posession. Old women prefer the dark color; brown, dark blue, dark violet and young girls like light color pink, sky blue and so on. Now in Vietnam, the girl's uniform of high school is white ao dai. It represent the pure of soul. It is very neet and pretty

Used ticket
At many touring spot of Hue, you would be asked giving used ticket of entry for tomb of emperor or palace by children or women. You would have question why they want to get it. The reason is what they sell it for Vietnamese tourist for Hue. The entry fee for Vietnamese is cheap, but without ticket. As they cannot have memory of visiting, so some Vietnamese visitor want to get used ticket. If you don't have need for these ticket, you would like to give it for children. Then they can earn money.