To hire Cicro
Xicro is very populor vehicle in Vietnam, but to hire xicro is very difficult, especially for foreign people. And sometimes xicro turn to dangerous vehicle for tourist. Don't ride on xicro near New World Hotel or Saigon river in Hochiminh City. Some black-hearted xicroman want to rob your money. Many tourist suffer rubbery in Saigon and some people were injured. If you want to ride on xicro, it's better to ride in local city.
When you ride on xicro, you must have small changes, and pay him just the price. Some xicroman ask you more money, but you should walk away. In Vietnam, price is not unchangeble. People ask you two or three or more times higher than its price, so investigation is necessary. Without investigation, you may buy the card of 0.6$ for 3$. In Vietnam there are no fair price. The price is the battle between you and sellers.
But I have some friends of xicro drivers. They are very nice, so I don't want to disturb their job. But they themselves tell me, that there are many bad xicromen nowadays. I hope they never turn to be bad xicromen.
To be continued